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Do you Charge Deposits?

No* - Unlike most rental companies we don't for our standard rentals. 

For full details see out Remote Hirer Terms.

*(Large bookings may be subject to a deposit).

What do I get with the board rental?

In addition to a quality Inflatable Paddleboard, we'll also supply a handy backpack carry bag, a pump, a paddle and a leash. 
You can also - for additional cost - order buoyancy aids and dry bags in our booking system.

Am I insured?

This means that our kit is covered for up to £5M to other peoples' property when the board are being used correctly when under Hire.

We DO NOT  provide Hirers with Personal Injury Cover. Hirers are advised to have cover and check with their own home or travel policy before hiring.
If you need to purchase insurance, then we can recommend this site:

We insure our boards for damage and theft. There will be a charge for any damage or loss to our boards. For more details click HERE

Do I Need a Licence?

If you are going on public inland waterways, you will need a waterways license.
All of our boards have inland waterway licenses through British Canoeing. In 2021 they stopped issuing physical evidence, so if a customer is challenged by the authorities, they should put them on to the company to sort out. 

How does your rental system work?

We use an advance live online booking system to make booking with us - both simple and secure - we use Stripe for credit cards.
We've made a quick Video for customers to see how it all works HERE
Feel free to call us too!
We also rent from our base near Marlow on the River Thames - with onsite parking

Are your boards good for children?

Yes, they are stable and lightweight.
We always recommend that children wear bouyancy aids and are supervised by a capable adult at ALL times on the water.
Take a look at our Gallery and see some kids on our boards!

Can I Hire for 1 Day?

For our courier service, tow days is the minimum hire duration.
For collection and drop off, we can hire by the day.

What are your delivery charges?

Delivery starts at £20 return if we are sending to you. We supply a return label and instructions how to easily return with Parcel Force.
If you want to avoid paying for delivery, you can collect from us near Henley on Oxfordshire.

Do you also sell Stand Up Paddle Boards?

Yes! We stock new SUPs through our sister brand: Marlow SUP Centre

Will I get my board in time?

Yes! We send your boards no less than 2 working days before your booking start date via courier. We let you know when they are dispatched to you and you can track the board all the way.
We cannot deliver on weekends or Bank Holidays, so you will need to plan in plenty of time. 

How heavy are the boards?

Our boards are inflatable, loghtweight and can easily be carried by 1 adult.
We supply a backpack if you want to carry longer distances or from a car to the beach before inflating.
The boards weigh about 10 kg.

Will I fall in?

Not necessarily! But likely!
It's always best to plan as though you might.

With a good technique and on calm waters you should stay dry.
Always wear appropriate clothing and have a dry set at the end of your trip.
We always recoommend that participants wear some form of professional buoyancy device.

Can you deliver to my holiday accommodation?

It's possible, but we always require a signature, so long as this is possible it should be fine.
We suggest you call us if in doubt and see our Hirer Terms for clarifiaction. 

Which payment methods are accepted?

We use Stripe for secure online and offline payments and we accept all major credit and debit cards including Amex.
For larger group bookings we can accept bank transfers.

Can I buy a board if I like it?

This is sometimes possible. Call us if you want to keep your board and we can discuss.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, we have a small cancellation fee for cancelations up to 14 days before the booking date.

If it's within the 14 days, we charge 50%.

For more information on this, please see our Hirer Terms and Conditions

Is paddle boarding safe?

BUT - Like all water based activities common sense is needed and we do not recommend the use of our equipment under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
Children should be supervised at all times.
We have put together some Safety Information for you HERE

Please refer to our Hirer Terms for Liability

Do you deliver to Outer Scottish Islands?

We are unable to offer this service - sorry

Can you deliver abroad?

No we do not rent abroad for insurance reasons. You and we are not insured for using our equipment in any other countries than England, Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland. 
If you want to take abroad you will need to let us know.

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